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Omar Ahmad, a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic, explains the controversy over the safety and benefit of replacing human corneas with transplanted corneas from pigs. He explains that while pigs naturally produce fewer anti-human antibodies after the first infection, the pig cornea transplant still carries the risk of a human patient contracting the disease. Ahmad suggests that pig corneas are preferable to human corneas if a patient has a history of a human infection. How to make a pie chart with jasper: As you can see, here is a pie chart using JasperReports pie chart expression: class PieChart2 { void pieChart(float[] values) { PieDataset dataset = new PieDataset(); PiePlot plot = new PiePlot(dataset, "category", "value", new String[] {"cat 1", "cat 2", "cat 3"}); plot.setStartAngle(90.0); plot.setCenterText("My Pie"); plot.setCenterTextRotation(0.0); plot.setEndAngle(270.0); plot.setFormat(PlotFormat.OUTSIDE); plot.setLabel("Number of customers"); plot.setLabelRotation(0.0); plot.setLabelHeight(10.0); plot.setLabelWidth(30.0); plot.setLabelsVisible(false); plot.setTickLabelsVisible(false); plot.setDrawSlice(false); plot.setLabelGap(30.0); plot.setLabelOrient





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