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ServiceNow's business will benefit from Fujitsu's signing of an ETA by having better human resource development capabilities.


14 May 2023

Employees of the Fujitsu Group will be given free access to RiseUp's ServiceNow learning materials and certification.

Recently, Fujitsu announced the signing of an Enterprise Training Agreement (ETA) with ServiceNow, providing workers of the Fujitsu Group with unlimited access to RiseUp with ServiceNow learning materials and certification to continually advance their skills and advance their careers. Starting on May 11, 2023, the materials will be accessible to all Fujitsu Group employees worldwide.


By the end of the fiscal year 2023, Fujitsu hopes to have over 10,000 qualified ServiceNow consultants in its talent pool, further enhancing its position as a top provider of ServiceNow services worldwide. By empowering Group employees in this way, Fujitsu will enable them to develop new talents that assist clients in overcoming societal and commercial concerns. Additionally, RiseUp with ServiceNow, a global initiative to train one million individuals on the company's platform by 2024, is supported by Fujitsu's ETA. 


The ETA will also allow Fujitsu to strengthen its "Global Strategic Partner Academy" programme, which was introduced in 2021, by providing original RiseUp with ServiceNow learning materials to all Group employees worldwide and supporting each employee's upskilling and training in accordance with individual career development plans.


This programme is a key part of the company's goal for "Business Applications" to encourage more sustainable business transformation under Fujitsu Uvance, Fujitsu's portfolio of global solutions to actualize a sustainable future.


Jen Odess, VP, Technology Partnerships at ServiceNow, said

“We expect significant growth in our RiseUp with ServiceNow program which will increase the demand on our partner ecosystem to have the credentialed individuals ready to sell, solve, deliver and support solutions for our customers. We are delighted to see Fujitsu’s commitment to developing critical talent through this Enterprise Training Agreement, which will enable us to grow together and better serve customers now and in the future.”

Yoshinami Takahashi, SEVP, Head of Global Business Solutions, Fujitsu, said:

“We are excited to deepen our partnership with ServiceNow through this premium tier ETA. Fujitsu has been implementing ServiceNow in its own business to train and empower employees to continuously gain new expertise and skill up. Based on this new ETA, Fujitsu will further accelerate its human resource development to offer customers high value-added solutions.”


Fujitsu began utilising ServiceNow in 2011 to alter its own operations and assist international clients from diverse industries in finding solutions to business problems. Fujitsu is acknowledged as a ServiceNow Elite Partner, reflecting its broad experience and quantity of trained workers. In order to provide customers with a top-notch selection of services and alleviate the persistent and escalating global IT skills deficit, Fujitsu has recently signed a "premium tier" ETA with ServiceNow. Employees of the Group will have unfettered access to learning materials pertaining to the actual creation and administration of ServiceNow products under the terms of the agreement.


In the future, Fujitsu will keep encouraging staff upskilling and developing highly specialised expertise to provide clients with value-added services, ultimately helping to address a variety of societal and commercial concerns.


Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services corporation with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It was originally established in 1935 as Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing and has since developed into one of the top suppliers of IT goods and services worldwide.The primary business segments of the corporation are Technology Solutions,Ubiquitous Solutions, Device Solutions, Network Solutions.

Fujitsu has a reputation for being dedicated to innovation and placing a high priority on research and development. The business has significantly impacted the computer hardware, software, and telecommunications industries. Several well-known Fujitsu goods and innovations include:Supercomputers made by Fujitsu include the K computer and Fugaku, which are among the fastest in the world.

With activities in more than 100 nations and a large number of subsidiaries and joint ventures globally, Fujitsu has a significant global presence. Aiming to improve society through its technologies and business practises, the company also places a high value on social responsibility and sustainability.

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